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[SCS Blog] American Truck Simulator: 1.47 Open Beta

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Today, we are happy to share with you that the 1.47 Open Beta branch for American Truck Simulator is now available to try and test out. If you plan on participating in this Open Beta, we ask that you please help us by reporting any bugs you may encounter in the appropriate section(s) of our official forums.


Your feedback and reports are extremely valuable to our team and we thank you in advance for taking the time to help us out. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what the 1.47 Open Beta has in store.

Ownable Gas Cisterns

Are you ready to haul your very own Gas Cisterns in American Truck Simulator? As we covered in a previous blog post, Ownable Gas Cisterns are available in this update! These trailers will come in a variety of lengths, chassis and customisation options. These cisterns are designed to transport dangerous and highly flammable gases such as Ethane, Propane and LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas).


However, please keep in mind, that as of now the in-game economy for these trailers and also the list of available cargoes for them are still in a work in progress state and are subject to change.

The Ownable Gas Cistern for American Truck Simulator will be available as a single or B-Double trailer. It will also include 5 chassis types; 32ft, 43ft & 48ft 2-axle, 53ft 3-axle and 4-axle 53ft with a steerable rear axle. Each gas cistern comes with over 50 accessories which include (but are not limited to): 

  • Paintable/Chrome Boxes
  • Paintable/Chrome Valve Covers
  • Customisable Side Lamps 
  • Paintable Wing
  • A wide variety of hoses 
  • A variety of rear fenders and rear bumper lights
  • A variety of trailer paintjobs 
  • and so much more!

We look forward to seeing you deliver with these new Ownable Gas Cisterns and how you will customize them. Be sure to share your first ride with them on our social media channels.

World Ambient Sounds

As we continue to make sounds more immersive across our truck sim world, one big change we have made for this update is introducing sound scatter technology through FMOD for our virtual environment. So what does this mean for players?

It means you'll now notice a variety of SFX coming from different directions and distances, on top of our base 5.1 sound layer, which has an existing basic environmental loop for a specific place. For example, you may be sitting at a rest area in the quiet Texas plains, hearing the chirping of crickets, but you'll hear them at various distances, some further away, some closer! 

Another change we are introducing is a direction filter for trucks. Where applicable, we have included sound engine equalization in the sound system, which works according to your current camera view. For example, if you are using a camera behind the truck, you will hear a change in sound according to that view. The effect is most audible when you are able to watch your truck drive past while the camera remains stationary. 

You can read more in detail about this change to our world ambient sounds and more at our previous blogpost on the subject.

Adaptive Cruise Control & Emergency Braking System 

Released originally as a hidden experimental feature back in 1.44, we are glad to be able to bring this highly requested addition to the 1.47 update. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the distance and speed from the vehicle in front when in cruise control mode. This is especially handy when encountering a busy highway, where you may find traffic often merging into a gap in front of you, or in situations where traffic speed is constantly changing. 


Coupled with ACC is the Emergency Braking System, which activates your brakes whenever a collision is imminent with the vehicle in front, to avoid or minimize damage. This technology in the real world has saved countless lives and is found in most modern trucks. 

These features have been in the works for a while, but it is still work in progress and we look forward to seeing how they perform during 1.47 Open Beta. Please share with us your feedback and comments on our official forums.

Custom City Intros (Utah & Idaho)

Carrying on from our previous update which introduced custom city intros for Colorado & Wyoming, we have now expanded these cutscenes to the Utah and Idaho DLC's for American Truck Simulator!

These special cutscenes appear when a player selects a starting city when creating a new profile. We hope that new players (or those restarting a new profile) will enjoy these new additions, showcasing the area where you have chosen to begin! 

Let us know your thoughts and any feedback you may have at our official forums.

Random Road Bumps

We're excited to introduce Random Road Bumps into 1.47! These small bumps are procedurally generated to give the roads an imperfect feel to them. While they may not be visible to the driver, you will be able to feel these subtle bumps and in some cases hear them affect your vehicle whilst driving. 

We look forward to working on expanding this feature in the future, but for the time being, let us know your thoughts about it! Any comments or feedback can be made over on our official forums.  

Career History UI Redesign

This update also includes a refresh for the Career History UI! For those who are unfamiliar with this feature, you can access it via the main menu of American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2. It displays a graph of your experience progress and some statistics. 


This new redesign will now feature a much more detailed look into your statistics and previous deliveries. The UI now shows 4 sections which are: Deliveries, Exploration, Driver experiences and Penalties. Each of these sections displays different statistics that give you a more in-depth review of your journey as a truck driver so far including total deliveries, your past delivery ratings, how many of your deliveries were on time, map exploration, companies visited, truck data and discoveries. 

We've also included a section that'll show what penalties you have received over the last 2 weeks of your career. We felt that little things such as hitting traffic signs or falling asleep at the wheel don't need to be on your permanent record. 


We've also redesigned your delivery log which shows clearly your previous jobs, your cargo, what day you made the delivery on, income, XP, time spent etc. We understand that these statistics are important for drivers to look back on, especially if you are part of a VTC where you may need to log your previous jobs for driver activity. 

We really hope you like this redesign, and we hope we can expand on it in the future. Let us know your feedback and comments by heading to our official forums.

In-Game Update Log

We've now added a new UI feature to both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 which will show users the changelog of a major update or showcase the featured of a DLC release. 

This will appear in the form of a pop-up either when you launch the game after an update or whilst in-game in the main menu if an update was made during your time on the road. Not only that, but you can also access a history of previous changelogs, in-case you missed out on several, and find all our official social media links.

We hope this helps you stays informed no matter where you are on the latest changes and updates made to our titles. 

Economy Reset Teleport

Whenever the player's economy is reset during a game load, it was the norm for you to be teleported to your HQ garage. Today we are happy to make a small change that will allow you to make the decision whether you want to teleported to your chosen HQ or a free quick travel to any service station of your choice. 




  • Addition of World Ambient Sounds 
  • Random Road Bumps


  • Ownable Gas Cisterns
  • Adaptive Cruise Control & Emergency Braking System 
Kenworth W900
  • DEF-Less fuel tank options returned for certain engine types (150, 220 & 300 gal) 
  • Reinstated Cruise Control speed display on dashboard


  • Custom City Intros for Utah and Idaho
  • Addition of Sound Direction Filter
  • Performance Improvements (night, bad weather, dense traffic)
  • Career History UI Redesign 
  • In-Game Update Log
  • Economy Reset Teleport

So enjoy all the new additions, but please remember: It's only an open beta, not a stable public version - so you may encounter bugs, instability, or crashes. It's completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you're interested in helping us to get there faster, we'll appreciate all of your feedback on our forum and your bug reports in this section.

Please check our modding wiki to get details pertaining to mods for the game.

If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right-click on American Truck Simulator → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.47. No password required. Sometimes you have to restart your Steam client to see the correct branch name there.

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