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What do you use to drive? - In ETS2&ATS

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I use a steering wheel for driving, the Logitech G920 + Shifter.

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                                                                Language: Chinese/English

                Discord:hengya1215            I want everyone to be able to drive safely on the road!❤️

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59 minutes ago, Aden. said:

Sometimes mouse, sometimes wheel. (my wheel g29) I'm too lazy to get up and plug it into my computer 😄 thats why i play with mouse


Same here. 😊

For this occation, I've assigned following functions to my three-button mouse and keyboard.


LMB (Left Mouse Button) - Left Turn Indicator on/off

RMB (Right Mouse Button) - Right Turn Indicator on/off

Rotate Mouse Scroll Wheel Forward - Wipers on, speed 1, speed 2, off

Rotate Mouse Scroll Wheel Backwards - Turn high beams on/ off

MMB (Middle Mouse Button, Mouse Scroll Wheel) - Center view back to front view (useful after view has been changed with ALT+LMB or with A-key/ D-Key)



W - accelerate

S - deccelerate

A - look left

D -  look right

C - cruise control on/ off

V - decrease cruise control speed

X - increase cruise control speed

\ - reactivate cruise control


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