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TruckersMP Tournament 2023!

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Why organize such events if the level of organization is practically zero, was at the last such event, and half of the players who wanted to take part could not do it. It is not clear for whom this is being carried out, if only for familiar people from the team TruckersMP . On the first epape, not the one with a good reaction wins, but the one with a normal ping.

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11 minutes ago, Foobrother said:

Sad to see that TMP is spending money to promote racing. 😒

I would have preferred tournaments about job deliveries within a certain time with the least damage, road/speed offences etc... 


I agree.

TruckersMP continues to promote racing to satisfy its community.

In the past, I have suggested testing drivers' skills and control of their vehicles in competitions, but to no avail.


Let the games begin!

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