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Why do some people not keep a safe distance from the front trailer?


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I think you should drive safely like in reality.

Even if the truck in front is slow, have to be patient. don't know when and how an accident may occur, and FPS lag can occur

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This thread has many valid points. 


Some VTC's will try to keep an eye on this as much as possible, however it's impossible to see everything and there are many VTC's who do not care about driving standards quite as much. At Lightning, we try to ensure that our drivers drive professionally. We have systems such as Driving tests to ensure our applicants are of a high standard and will come down on those who do not. 


However, as said.. many people have different views on what a safe distance is. Personally, 75-100m. I tend to drive around the 100 mark, but there are plenty of people and companies who will keep it at 50. 


My best advice is to: 

  •  Drive at a safe speed. This will allow impatient drivers to overtake when possible and give you plenty of time to brake when needed. 
  • Avoid busy areas. Some people will deliberately drive recklessly here. 



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