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What is your favorite weather to drive?


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Hey @Werzey*!


I prefer snowy weather right now but when winter is over I'll probably like sunny weather again.


How about you what is your favorite weather to drive?

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I would say sunny/clear weather is my first priority, as it's most comfortable weather to drive with, also best for photo taking.

However, I would like to drive under heavy rainstorm as it's challenging, notice that it's different from slightly rain, I don't like that and I would usually set weather by console.

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I do like winter but without the physics cause its a pain in the arse and causes accidents and also just a basic summers day

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I do enjoy rainy days, but while playing with friends it's a bit hard to keep pace since I need to be more careful driving, so most of the time when playing with friends I remove the rain 🙂

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