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Non Patron driving AI Patron vehicles



I’ve just got a question I want to ask


The other day I saw a non-patron player drive around the Patron vehicle. So it’s obvious that it was save edited in or used as a mod to purchase offline

I want clarification if this is allowed or not because this means that non Patrons can drive patron vehicles without supporting TMP


Thanks guys

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It’s impossible for a „normal player„ to drive with a Patreon AI Vehiecle. 
Most likely, this player typed „/tg“ (toggle group) in the ingame chat before to hide that they are a Patreon. This means that they can drive around in TMP without the golden badge in the ingame chat or the golden name and the badge next to the name ingame. If someone does that, they can still use all Patreon perks. 


I hope this can help you understand the situation! 

Kindesr regards, 


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If you have TMPID display enabled in settings, you can look up player's profile to see if they're Patron with the highest tier, or not, as the highest Patron tier is only one being allowed to use exclusive alternating vehicles, along with specific paintjobs in TruckersMP. 


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