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Christmas Convoy 2022


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Every year the TruckersMP community comes together to celebrate an important holiday...Christmas! Throughout the year TruckersMP has seen many exciting events, which thousands of you have participated in. As a well-known 6 year long tradition within the community, hundreds of players and staff gather together to attend a massive 12-hour convoy. This is an event that allows us to properly celebrate our success in 2022, and go out with a bang.

I hope you're starting to feel festive truckers, as we are proud to announce that the TruckersMP tradition of a 12-hour Christmas Convoy will be returning, taking place on Saturday 17th December 2022, starting from 09:00 UTC, and finishing 12 hours later at 21:00 UTC!

That's right, this Saturday we will not be hosting a 90-minute convoy, but 12-hours, consisting of 4 convoy routes and a surprise activity in the middle! Each route is scheduled to run for 2 hours, with 30 minute breaks in-between. The full convoy will be a massive 2590 miles, or 4,169 kilometres - so make sure to have a full tank of diesel! Convoy control will be present to guide you throughout this massive convoy, to ensure you do not get lost.

Take a look at all of the routes we have planned below!





To see when each route starts in your timezone, check out our alternate timezones link.

From everyone at TruckersMP, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope to see you on the convoy with us!

Additional Event Details:

Event Rules

Server: Official Christmas Convoy
-TruckersMP Team

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Kind Regards,


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Tis the season for a TruckersMP Christmas Convoy! 🚚🎄


I'm really looking forward to this one, both to see everyone coming together to celebrate the holiday season, and to celebrate all the achievements that TruckersMP has made during the year of 2022.


From a partnership with DBus World, to a brand new launcher, TruckersMP has made so many achievements this year, and I'm already excited to see what 2023 brings 👀


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It's nice to see that the tradition of the 12-hour convoy has been kept!

📺I believe it will also be streamed on the official channel if anyone can't join. Maybe it will be possible to broadcast from several shots (cameras).


🗺️ Looking at the individual routes, they are quite demanding but also attractive in terms of landscape, regardless of whether they are snowy or not.
I like that a large part of the route is on secondary roads, which will make it an unusual atmosphere. Especially the route from Mannheim to Graz seems amazing.


17 hours ago, Whitelodge said:

The full convoy will be a massive 2590 miles, or 4,169 kilometres - so make sure to have a full tank of diesel!

⛽ I think that in some if certain circumstances occur one tank can be enough for max. two or even just one route. For example, if someone takes a heavier load, there will be a snowstorm and the convoy will be moving slowly in mountainous regions. I guess that gas stations on the route of the convoy and in the vicinity will have a lot of customers 😉


See you at the event 🚚

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