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New Beacons for cars/trucks

P7B Bravo - Mammoet UK

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Suggestion Name: New beacons

Suggestion Description: New, alternatives to current in-game beacons OR new design.

Any example images: 

Why should it be added?: The game having kind of a limited selection of beacons it would be awesome to be able to choose the kind of light setup we would want, for example the current in-game strobing beacon in the DLC pack, it's rather annoying that it has only 1, what would make THIS one perfect is having one that has the opposite flash, allowing us to create a new pattern of a double left and then double right flash, somewhat like one of the current roof beacons except without the annoying brief pause. This then leads onto the next one also, the small add-on strobes we can add to the grill, a simple double flash would be awesome to have, and the same again, 2 versions to allow for a left and right. 


For example, roof light bar like Virotic's mod that allows individual lighthead customization, 4 patterns available for each module to give a massive amount of lightbar flash patterns (Obviously removing the ability to make police lights, restricting players to yellow and possibly white only. Or even like in this 2nd video, you can see the roof lights even though some are rotating lights, they're in sync for left/right.  


I believe that the restriction of the vanilla strobes affecting performance when used in mass for example on the Mercede's 30 slot grill, it will ease performance also by not having so many lights all flashing the same way it will benifit not only performance (No i'm not turning it off in my setting, i love flashing lights) but also, will give something to allow for a variety of different designs. I know i could spend hours re-doing a load of trucks had i been given a simple left and right double flashing beacon/strobe. 



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