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Good evening, I would like to know what the criteria are when issuing a ban. Yesterday I made a report YouTube Video which was rejected and the reason was that "it was partly my fault". Should I have stopped? Yield? Please, it's only one road... On that part of the road I always slow down and was doing so until I was hit. The other player didn't even bother to stop. They take that "one way junction" at the speed they want and they don't even respect it. Ah, but you report them and they tell you that you should have given way. Next time, I'm going to stop and wait for everyone to cross. Maybe I'll get kicked out for doing it.

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@SxDarknessHello, if you have different opinions on the handling of your report by an administrator, you can ask questions to the game review management team, and the game review management team will give the final opinion after review.
Please go to the link below to object to your report, etc.:



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I advise you not to appeal this case

I think both of you are wrong in this case, both of you should have slowed down before turning.

And I see that when you turn, you have violated the road traffic law

When you want to turn you need to slow down first and your ability to turn must follow the right side

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It's not "only one road" (otherwise it wouldn't be a junction) and it's not a "one way junction".

According to the road signage, you are required to yield at this junction.

It's irrelevant, if cross traffic can continue straight or if the road is blocked on the other side of the junction, because they are still on a priority road.


Furthermore, as the other road user didn't signal that he intended to turn right, you'd to assume he'd continue to drive straight over the junction.

If, for example, cross traffic decided to continue straight, made a u-turn in front of the blocking barriers and drove back you are required to yield.

As you can't always know for sure where other road users are planning to drive to, it's more safe to give way one time too many than too few.


Safe travels!

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Like @blabberbeak said, if you look at the actual facts:

  1. We have a road crossing with the give way sign for you.
  2. A car is arriving on your left
  3. The car doesn't signal if it is turning right (which normally means it is going straight)
  4. You have to stop and give the way to the car. That's the road rule.
  5. You didn't stop, the car went straight and crashed into you. You are wrong. No ban for the car player.

I know that 99% of the time people turn since it's a dead-end. But nothing prevent them from going straight. And as part of the game (simulation game) you should drive carefully and think about all possibilities (especially if the car isn't signalling it's turning right)


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