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What is your most beautiful country on ETS according to you ?


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Hello, in my opinion the best realized and most beautiful country on ETS is Romania (Road to the Black Sea). I find the small roads beautiful and well worked.


On the other hand on Promods 2.63 I find that it is the south of France with Perpignan, Lacq but also the north of Spain with Barcelona or Andore. I find this area beautiful too.



Please let me know if you like the place you prefer on ETS (Simulation & Promods)

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To be honest, I really don't even know... I need some great tips on which locations are wonderful to drive on!

Someone recommened Bergen to Oslo in Norway, and I did test it out and it is for sure a quite a ride to drive on. 🙂


And now when you mentioned Romania, I'll for sure drive around and check it out.

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Hello ClemTruck,


In the basegame (including dlcs) I would say that the most beautiful country is possibly Italy, Spain or Portugal in my opinion. They have nice nature and the roads are amazing. And if we say promods it is perhaps Northern Norway to be specific, not too challenging but not too easy roads and their scenery is just amazing. 

I also want to add how I think about American Truck SImulator, even tho this thread isnt about American Truck Simulator. In ATS I mostly prefer Idaho and Montana, they are just two amazing states to drive around in I don't know why but it is just something else there in my opinion.


But do not get me wrong, everything is beautiful in its own way on ETS2 and also ATS.



Kind Regards,


Golden Phoenix Express | Event Team

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Hello, thanks for starting this nice topic.

In my opinion, I'd say Black Sea DLC rather than country. The roads and details of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey are so realistic and beautiful that I don't understand how time passes while driving.



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