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A letter of apology to all players。

KuklV-[L C]

Do you want to start the voting kick-out server feature?  

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  1. 1. Do you want to start the voting kick-out server feature?

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Recently, there have been a lot of plug-ins in China, these criminals have: high-priced acquisition of player accounts in the game to open plug-ins, ignoring players and land types, online has promods servers to collide with players, to bring players a sense of no game experience, hereby apologize to all players, sorry!!! At the same time, our team found this scum through abnormal means, miscellaneous, and learned that this scum is a anchor, in the Chinese mainland [Huya] live broadcast platform for naked live broadcast opening and hanging, winning live broadcast traffic, the live broadcast room is pasted: high-priced recycling account, and contact information, between 100-200 yuan, we are very angry and sad, which has caused unnecessary emotional problems for our players, and at the same time is ashamed that China can have such a Chinese, We want to sanction streamers, but we can't ignore our laws. Here's a sincere word to all players: I'm sorry!!! If the player encounters it, they can report it by recording evidence.   At the same time: I would also like to make a suggestion: First: I hope that the game production team can pay attention to the players who open and hang in the game, and permanently ban such open and hanging players. Second: Severely sanction players who buy and sell accounts, and permanently ban such players. Third: whether the player voting kick function can be launched in the game, vote and kick out the server for the opener, and ban the login to the server for one month. Fourth: Strengthen game environment optimization and anti-plug-in measures. Fifth: I want the game manager to be active for a long time. I hope the game production team will pay attention to !!!!
We are very ashamed and angry that China has such a miscellaneous thing!!!

To ensure authenticity, we have preserved evidence:
Live streaming platform soundtrack: https://b23.tv/ycnQN7X
In-game soundtrack: https://b23.tv/28Mf159
Handheld mobile phone camera recording: https://b23.tv/pKBZXA7
and open and hang this player game ID: https://v.kuaishou.com/ava1j5
Live sticker acquisition account: https://v.kuaishou.com/z1CeRM

Note: Please use Google Chrome to open, thanks!

I hope the game production team will pay attention, thank you!!!

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Why would you apologize for the (mis)behavior of others? You aren't their parent!

You are only responsible for your own actions.


I don't agree to introduce a kick-out option , as it can lead to abuse.

For example, a group of friends decides to target another (random) player and votes to kick him/ her out. That would be unfair.

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1分钟前,库克尔V-[L C]说:


并打开并挂起此玩家游戏 ID:https://v.kuaishou.com/Ava1j5


1 minute ago, blabberbeak said:






Then you think too much, this is a shame for our Chinese, we will be ashamed of having such scum, dare to ask which country is Your Excellency? If you think so, then I think you and your country are really rubbish, understand? Please note here: the vote is for the opener, understand?

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I find it abusive to create a kick system by voting. There would be too much abuse if several people wanted to target a person who had done nothing for example. And as Blabberbeak says you are not responsible for this


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1 hour ago, KuklV-[L C] said:

Then you think too much, this is a shame for our Chinese, we will be ashamed of having such scum, dare to ask which country is Your Excellency? If you think so, then I think you and your country are really rubbish, understand? Please note here: the vote is for the opener, understand?


This must (hopefully) be an error in translation... 🤣


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@KuklV-[L C]Hello, I think you can record the video when you are playing the game, and after collecting evidence from the player who violated the rules, you can make a video report. I believe the administrator will deal with the violation from a fair perspective. In addition, the cheating player you mentioned, the answer I gave is, go to the game to record, if you find that the player is indeed cheating, you can report the video, and the administrator will give him a permanent ban. No matter how many accounts he has (even if there are thousands of accounts, as long as he dares to log in, he will be punished by the administrator), as many TMP staff as there are will be blocked, and the rules also clearly state that using auxiliary Waiting for third-party software will be severely punished, that is, permanently banned.

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Maybe this is the legendary NCZ 🤣

Since I just returned to Kirkenes this year I have seen the number of players in China have increased by almost 95%.
Europeans and Asians ..vv.. they used to play in Kirkenes a lot and by the time I just came back to TMP Kirkenes and now I know why European players lately they are all don't play in Kirkenes with the Chinese

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🤣Why do you need to apologize for him? This is just his personal behavior, you can report him through the website and in-game reporting system, in my opinion, this is completely useless posting




I would like to say that if you have a new server feature suggestion why not go to Suggestions to post, you post here is useless😂

I don't want this feature to appear like the person above said, he will appear a lot of unfair behavior.


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What's the problem with Chinese players?! I'm regularly in Kirkenes. It's true that there are a lot more Chinese players than anywhere else on TMP. But I don't see much issues with Chinese players. Just inexperience with some players getting stuck/blocked because they have a too heavy cargo or didn't take a narrow turn correctly.

My reports are definitely for other nationalities players.


Regarding the voting to kick some players. I'm not against it as long as it's well designed to prevent abuse:

  • min xx number of votes within x min to kick the player
  • you can't vote more than once every xx min
  • etc...


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Firstly, as other users have mentioned above, you shouldn't need to/feel like you have to apologise for someone else's misconduct. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, and thus they are also responsible for making their own apologies if needed.


In this case, if you have found someone to be breaking the TruckersMP RulesTerms of Service, or Privacy Policy, you can report them via the Report System. If however, you have a collection of evidence, and some matters have taken place outside of the In-game servers, you can also forward this to Game Moderation Management via the Feedback System.


In regards to your suggestion for a feature to be implemented where players can vote to kick others, although it something that has proven to work for other games, I don't believe it would have the same results for TruckersMP. With shooter games for example, you may have a particular player griefing a game, and causing an inconvenience for the other players. With their being so many ongoing games to moderate, and a huge player base, it would be hard for game companies to keep up with reports, and thus a player "Vote to Kick" system would help provide a way for people to come together and remove those breaking the rules.


With TruckersMP, their is a much smaller player base compared to other games, with only a select few servers to choose from, and therefore the Game Moderation Team are able to oversee these servers, and keep up with in-game/web reports. Although the load on the report system can get busy at peak times, it is manageable, and thus this suggested feature would not be needed. Furthermore, as other users have mentioned above, a player "Vote to Kick" system would inevitably see it's fair share of abuse, and would end up being used as a griefing tool should a group of individuals work together to target a particular user. This would then result in many reports being submitted for misuse of the "Vote to Kick" system. 

In conclusion, it would be an unnecessary system/tool to develop and implement, and it would only increase the load on the report system as a result of any misuse.

If you need any help with creating a report, you can refer to the Game Moderation section in the Knowledge Base.


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There is no need to pay for other people's mistakes. The wrongdoers will be punished sooner or later.

I'm sure the TMP staff will take appropriate action against this player.

There's no need to get in your mood for this. Games are meant to be fun。




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