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AI Cars for ATS

Somehow Lucky

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Suggestion Name: AI Cars for ATS

Suggestion Description: Add more variety for both the players and staff

Any example images: See below

Why should it be added?: The last car that was added was the Skoda. Nothing else has been added since May 2016. My video: 


Alternating vehicles (or forever). This gives players more cars to use, staff gets better emergency vehicles. Which will look better for the next Real OPS on ATS.


This is the only vehicle you see at any dealership.



This is the list of all cars i have spent a couple of days finding.


Full sized image here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BoPexnKJ_k6Xn7H0xpGjilKC_TrXJkZW/

As the rest of the map expands, so does the amount of emergency vehicles.


Additionally, give Work Vehicles jobs and/or job routes so they have a function (like the buses on ETS 2).

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