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What do you think should be the right speed limit to use in the game?


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There's no country in Europe's game map (including map expansion DLC) that allows trucks to go faster than 110 Km/h, so the current limits are perfectly fine. If any changes were to be done, I'd go for limiting the top speed for trucks at 90 Km/h because that's the actual regulation for them in the EU, which covers most of the ETS2 map.

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Guest Fummelprinz

The Correct Speed Limit is the Speed you were able to handle your Truck safely, within the Rules and Local Circumstances, without endangering other People around you! Unfortunately some Players are not able to handle their Truck proper and safely with 6 kph, so......it will turn into another of numerous Discussions about 250 kph vs. 90 kph!


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This is a regularly returning and controversial discussed topic.

Does is exist at all, a "right" speed limit in the meaning of satisfying all or at least the majority of players?


What would happen if the server speed limit would be increased to 250 km/h?

Players who prefer to drive at realistic speeds wouldn't experience any restrictions, because they'd drive way slower in most cases.

And players who prefer to drive at higher speeds could indulge in it.
It'd however entail the risk of an increased number of road incidents, caused by drivers who loose control of their vehicle by driving at high speeds.


And what would happen if it'd be decreased to 90 km/h?

Still, players who prefer to drive at realistic speeds wouldn't experience any restrictions in most cases.

But players who prefer to drive at higher speeds would experience a strong restriction.


The simulation server speed limit of 110 km/h is considered to be the "middle way" and serves best both, players who like to drive faster and players who like to drive slower.

It doesn't make it the "right" speed limit for everybody, but a compromise both sides can deal with.

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I really don't mind. I will always drive as fast as the road allows, so 80-90. We could argue about simulation and arcade but at the end of the day it is how you play it.
It was fun back then when mostly everyone flew by me at 150kmh... even with stability at max they'd flip and have accidents quite often. Good videos came out thanks to them.

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[ World of Trucks | TrucksBook | TwitchTV | Speed Limit ]

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The speed limit is how well you can handle your vehicle and can brake in time for sharp corners/street turns. If you don't want to be rec and banned for reckless driving, i would start by just driving in Single Player. After that, you can test on MP.

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Glad to see "Dark_Boy_" Your valuable questions,whe ther in reality or in games, the problem of speed limit has always been judged by the comparison of reality,however, the speed limit in the game may make people feel more compact, which leads to the discussion of this topic. Although I am just an ordinary driver, I think there must be official reasons for the official decision, so I don't think there is much discussion on this topic

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9 hours ago, NoahTheGamer said:

if everyone is picky about speed limits lets make them realistic for each country the autobahn has no speed limit where as my country trucks are governed at 60mph so they should make all the countrties correct speed limit for trucks in the usa its 65mph 


If you want to introduce realistic speed limits, you should first get the facts right.


First of all, it's an untrue myth that the german Autobahn has no speed limit.

The Autobahn has a recommended (non-binding) speed limit of 130 km/h (80mph) for passenger cars (Source)

As of January 2019, only 57 percent of the "Autobahn" had no speed limit, 30 percent had a speed limit and 13 percent had a temporary speed limit.



Note that the above speed limits on the Autobahn don't apply to trucks.

The maximum speed limit on the Autobahn for trucks is 80 km/h (50mph) (Source)

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