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Extract a save edit creation to a mod and upload to steam workshop


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MOD uploading on Steam Some games actually come with an uploader, which provides a very convenient platform for MOD creators, but some games do not have a MOD uploader, which leads to some gamers who have a lot of great ideas but fail to upload them. Stop, let everyone know how to upload MOD today, hope to see more and better MOD works


Download SteamCMD

What is SteamCMD, it may be very unfamiliar to gamers. Let me talk about it here. You can understand it as the command line version client of Steam. It can do things that Steam can do, such as downloading games, and it can also do Steam. Unreachable things such as uploading MOD

Generally, SteamCMD is used for Linux or Windows server, and most of them are used to open the game server. Here we will talk about how to upload MOD.


Step 1: Find the Official Website of SteamCMD and click on Windows to Download



Step 2: Unzip the downloaded compressed package to get steamcmd.exe and copy it to a folder, here is SteamCMD



Step 3: Then double-click to run, wait for it to download the components, after all is complete, until the Steam user is running at the beginning of the CMD, you can close it, and SteamCMD is ready



Ready to MOD
Go to download the MOD Template File I prepared for you, unzip it to a folder dedicated to MOD, I am Chainlink here, the name here can be changed at will, just for your own convenience to identify what MOD is



Then go in and you will find 3 folders and 2 files, let's talk about it in turn


images Folder
As the name suggests, this folder is for the pictures of your MOD. Generally, you only need to put one picture here as the main picture and preview picture of your MOD, so that the MOD picture others see in the creative workshop will be this one. You can add more pictures and videos later, you can go to the Steam Workshop to add


Source Folder
This folder is for all your changes or additions to this game, which are reflected here in the form of paths and files. For example, I have modified and modified them in GameSDK>Obejects & Scripts. Increase



I also have to follow this format in Source and put the path and the newly added or modified items in it




paks folder
This folder is the final product, that is, the MOD downloaded by the players is what is in the paks folder. Here you can pack it or make it into other forms as needed, and test it yourself according to the needs of the game.


This is some attribute modification of MOD, the parameters are mentioned below




  "appid"              "299740"

  "contentfolder"          "D:\\SteamMOD\\Chainlink\\paks"

  "previewfile"           "D:\\SteamMOD\\Chainlink\\images\\timg.jpg"

  "visibility"     "0"

   "title"           ""

   "description"      ""

   "changenote"     "Initial release"

   "publishedfileid"  ""




This bat file is the final step for you to upload MOD, double-click to upload, let’s talk about the parameters first

<steamcmd.exe> +login <username> <password> +workshop_build_item <mod.vdf> +quit

<steamcmd.exe> This fills in the path where you start to store steamcmd.exe, such as my D:\SteamCMD\steamcmd.exe
<username> your own Steam account
<password>Your own Steam password
<mod.vdf> Fill in the path of your own mod.vdf, such as my d:\SteamMOD\Chainlink\mod.vdf

Upload MOD

After all of the above are configured, double-click to upload. If the parameters are correct, you will be asked to enter the Steam 2-step verification code. After entering, press Enter, and it will automatically close when successful. Go to your creative workshop and you will see that the MOD has been uploaded successfully. La!


Video Tutorial:- How to upload mods to the workshop on Steam

Text Tutorial:- https://tdeh.top/archives/technology/steamcmd-mod

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