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Hot Topic #49: Favourite Event!


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Over the many years that TruckersMP has been around, we have held a variety of events around different locations of the map, both on ETS2 and also on ATS.

What's been your favourite event and why? Discuss below and share your pictures of your favourite event!


Please do not just post photos, you must have some form of text/discussion with it.


Happy Trucking!



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Real Ops and the TMP HQ Event. 
Because it's just cool that the TruckersMP community does events like this together.  


                                                                                                                                      Player.png | AoN_-_Founder_Banner.png

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Sadly, I've only been in 3 events... An official convoy, which I had to leave before even started because my computer at the time couldn't handle the amount of players nearby with more than 8-10 FPS and I didn't want to play like that and risk being involved in an accident because of the low performance.


Then, the first Real Operations, I drove a job, saw very interesting things, but... Too many people who didn't seem to understand what the thing was about. From the beginning, lots of "Where does the convoy start?"... Why do people join an event without even reading what it is about? Of course, crowds jamming roads or cities without any reasons, the classic impatient and reckless players who would try to overtake no matter what, because they can't be bothered to be in a traffic jam (which is one of the things that should be expected in a Real Ops event)... So once I delivered the cargo, I left the server. Again, I didn't want to risk being involved in some weird situation because of other people doing crazy stuff.


Last, the TruckersMP HQ event. Should have known better, because I'd seen some of the WoTr events in MP and what happened always when the delivery point was the same for everyone... Chaos. Tried to do one job but long before reaching the destination, I switched to the Arcade server and finished the delivery there.


I guess that I'm not a guy for "massive" events. Mostly because those events usually attract the kind of players that I despise most and, honestly, I don't want to be around such people.


EDIT: Another one of my all-time favourites is the Anniversary that for some years now, brings the "Freeroam server". Because, at least for the first days, having so many of the "GTA/NFS fans" in a same server makes all other servers a lot safer 😆

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For me, choosing a "favorite" event is quite hard, as each one provides a different experience, and some even bringing a new way to play the game.


For example; Real Operations provides players with an experience as to what the real world roads are like, and as to what events you might see when on them. Whilst the Tournaments provide a completely different experience, one that many players have never had before.


This not only shows how talented and creative the TruckersMP team is, but how much effort they go into providing a variety of events, as a particular event might not be for everybody. That being said, if I had to pick out one event that I think stands out from the rest, this would certainly be #OperationHQ.


Operation HQ gave players the simple task of delivering custom TruckersMP made cargo to a custom made area that would soon become the TruckersMP HQ city. Although it sounded small and simple, it created a huge event that really brought the community together, not just in the form of traffic, but in the joint feeling of achievement when each stage was complete. This event in-particular also gave players the opportunity to earn their first achievement on their TruckersMP profile, a new feature that was introduced for that event. Although awards can be hard to earn, especially as some can only be awarded to a specific amount of players, the achievement system allows players to earn something that can be awarded to everyone who participates. Furthermore, assuming future achievements will also be available for an extended period of time, players wouldn't have to worry so much about their time availability like they would do with many other events.

To conclude, I really enjoy seeing and participating in both TruckersMP & Community events. Not only are they fun, but it's great to see so many people voluntarily planning and organising these activities for the entire TruckersMP Community.


It's that level of dedication and commitment that really makes us the #BestCommunityEver.

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