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[SCS Blog] Texas - Airports + Gameplay Video

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There are many unique places you will be able to haul to and from in the upcoming Texas DLC and it would definitely be a shame to pass on the opportunity to offer you a drive to some of the local airports. Let’s take a look at some of these areas you will be able to visit in the map expansion along with a special surprise in the second half of the article.


Texas is a massive state and, since many travelers tend to prefer air traffic, the DFW (Dallas-Forth Worth) Airport managed to be ranked the second busiest airport in the world for passenger traffic in 2021. And even though the Houston and El Paso airports are a bit behind in this statistic, they are still complicated places full of complex systems that require a lot of organization and support. Will you lend a helping hand by accepting a job in these areas?


We hope you are looking forward to this upcoming DLC and we will see you next time... Hold on. We promised you above that we have a surprise for you (gasps). Well, it’s time to relax, grab a fine snack or a drink, and watch the very first Texas gameplay video!

What do you think about today’s screenshots and video? If you want to show us how hyped you are and you haven’t done so yet, add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist. Also, we still have some more news up our sleeves, so, to not miss out on anything important, you can follow our social media profiles (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok), subscribe to our newsletter, or check out our microsite dedicated to this project.

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