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Calais Revamp

Somehow Lucky

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Suggestion Name: Calais Revamp

Suggestion Description: Remake the entire city.

Any example images: Yes.

Why should it be added?: Calais is a nightmare to get in and especially out of the city. The current problem areas are Traffic Light leaving A16 & Road in front of Repair Shop. Map is laid out and based on the actual city map.


What my suggestion does:

  1. Road from A16 to Port is one way to the port, exits removed. Port Road splits at the end to port or city.
  2. At the second eastern exit will be used as the primary access road for gas, with access the repair towards the center of the city (with a light at the exit intersection).
  3. Companies are spread out to give roads a purpose to drive down it, besides map discovery.
  4. A16 intersection to Train has been revamped. One way roads to and from. With an added gas station on each side. A loop road has been placed in case someone misses the entrance to the trains.


Understanding my map:

  • A16: Purple Line
  • Blue Lines: Two way roads and roundabouts.
  • Lime Line: One way in one direction.
  • Green Line: One way in the other direction.
  • Orange Line: Road to a company/service.
  • Red Line: One way path where 2 green lines would of met (Train Area Only). That's a bridge, not a junction.
  • Black Area: Painted ground to help visually see the map better.
  • Original roads are kept solely for the purpose of viewing the map. They won't exist should this suggestion be implemented.
  • Placement of the companies is used as a guide. Staff reserve the right to change (stokes for an example) to a  different location they deem fits the layout and won't be a bottleneck area.
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