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Facelift: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Liege, Europort.

Somehow Lucky

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Suggestion Name: Facelift: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Liege, Europort.

Suggestion Description: Updating these cities to make them more viable.

Any example images: Yes. See Below.

Why should it be added?: These areas are in dire need of a facelift. No one has any clue how long it will take SCS. At least give TMP the proper towns it deserves. An added facelift will revive these areas.


Liege. Only way to access it is through 2 different highway exit ramps. Layouts of the town are squares.


  1. It's in Belgium, not Netherlands.
  2. Checked the map, there is no "A3" in Belgium. Actual identifiers are E25, E40, and E42 on the north side of the city.


Rotterdam. A decently sized city in the game. Highway runs past to the south with 2 potentially dangerous crossings.


  1. Highway junctions are not safe nor divided. A4 at A15: in game, on map.
  2. Doesn't feel much like a city.
  3. This was a problem area during the early days of ETS2MP. Before CD Road replaced it.


Amsterdam. decently sized. 3 access points from 2 different highways.


  1. Highways don't have safe junctions.
  2. Lacks a city feeling.


Europort. Small area off a highway with 2 access roads.


  1. Not a highway junction.
  2. Has potential to be a functioning port area rather then passage for ferry.


I realize it will take time and dedication from the asset team. These areas need a facelift and the payout will be worth it. Yes, there's ProMods.

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Missing Europort's On Map link.
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