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Duisburg drivers


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Duisburg is completely a mess, when it rains in-game drivers become complete idiots on the wheel. Yesterday a incident happened on the entrance of duisburg, someone thought it would be a great idea that instead of merging ( there's a few merges) and yielding to traffic it would be good to use the shoulder as a lane when it's also raining. Guy driving the truck tries to pass me on the shoulder when I'm going slow because of rain and discovers the shoulder ends soon and he has to merge into my lane. The result is he tries to merge, i sideswipe him, I loose control and drift because of rain, hit a truck on my left and that causes a chain reaction, the whole highway gets blocked. After that someone going full speed (110km/h) 

can't brake on time when there's an accident, rear ends me and calls me out saying I reported you like if it's my fault. Now some admin surely will go to my profile look at my bans which aren't good at all. And will think it's my fault.


I'll make later another coment about the status of the roads around duisburg that aren't that good either.


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1 hour ago, apro_234 said:

 Now some admin surely will go to my profile look at my bans which aren't good at all. And will think it's my fault.


Calm down. Breathe.


Your ego can only survive if you feed it.

Don't let it drown you in an imagination of fear, don't let it drag you to a now which hasn't come into existence yet.


You were involved in an incident caused by a reckless driving player. No more, no less.


If you have recorded the incident, please create a report here:



And now, enjoy your day and do something beautiful! ?


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1 - Duisburg is a well known trolls/reckless players nest and an easily avoidable city, most people who go there, they do on purpose because they know that they will find a crowd, jams, accidents, "funny moments", "idiots on the road" and so on. 

2 - As mentioned above, rain is a client side setting, it can be raining for you and sunny for everyone around you.

3 - Due to point 1, when going there, you must be extra careful and ultra-defensive, like drive slow enough so you can always stop in time if you find an emergency, be always vigilant of your surroundings, etc.

4 - Even when the reckless player did wrong trying to merge, you have the option to slow down and let them. Always do everything you can to avoid an accident, no matter if the other player is at fault.

5 - Someone saying that they will report you means nothing, specially in these "well-known" areas. Maybe they will, but most of them won't because they were most likely breaking some rules themselves (like driving recklessly fast in a crowded area, in this case).

6 - Moderators won't ban you for your previous misdeeds, they will ban you if they get evidence that you did something against the rules. They don't decide based on your history, they decide based on what happened at that moment.

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Thats why on the busy hours it's best to just avoid the most common cities/roads like Duisburg & Calais.  More players = more chances of incidents.

I do understand that there are a lot of players without any Map extention DLC so they play mostly in these areas, but... I wonder how driving only Duisburg - Calais doesn't get borring for others.. yeah once per few months I too visit it, but not at night when most people are back from work/school. Europe is big enough & u can visit other places...  another tip - record while you're playing and use the website report system.

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Since your topic has been inactive for over fourteen (14) days, I will lock and move it to our Archive section. 
We apply these procedures, in order to keep the forum organized and structured. 


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


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