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Duisburg City Rework


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This team is really amazing, always thinking about the community, innovating and presenting solutions within a realism so that everyone can have more and more fun safely and enjoy all the features that the game can offer.

Excited to see more of this news.


Congratulations to the whole team.

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Reinstalling the game soon. Definitely want to see this.

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Definitely looking forward to the new dc road thanks for your hard work

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Haven't been on the road as of yet.  But from what I've seen in pictures it looks great ?








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Cool... Thanks for completely butchering the city for the players who use World of Trucks. You guys could've atleast kept the same companies, right!? But nooo, that would've been too much work. Unbelieveable... Truly unbelieveable.

And btw, all this work will eventually be thrown into the garbage bin when SCS release their own, better and realistic version of the city (Which you guys could've have waited for). Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if when that happens, you still keep this wotr incompatible city in the map.

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