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Do you use your turning signals?


Do you use your turning signals?  

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  1. 1. Do you use your turning signals?

    • Turning signals? Isn't it enough if I know where I'm going? No, I don't use turning signals at all.
    • Yes, I use turning signals before turning a corner.
    • Yes, I use turning signals when switching lanes (including overtaking).
    • Yes, I use turning signals before turning a corner and when switching lanes (including overtaking).

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Guest - Pink Ribbon -

I use my indicators all the time including when i'm doing a very long drive delivering cargo from one side of the map to the other. It gives good practice for when other players are around you and become natural instinct to use indicators to help other drivers know what you will be doing next so everyone can prepare.


I also use my hazards when there is danger up-a-head or any potential danger I predict, this is also useful in convoys of when I am slowing faster than normal (If the convoy has stopped) or there is immediate danger and alerts the person behind to slow/stop.

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45 minutes ago, xBestBBx said:

what's the point?

A habit?

It's not like in reality you look at navigation and see other road users show up there, or you check magical floating window that shows you who's nearby. No, you use your own eyes to look around and you may not see everyone at once immediately then say I am completely alone here, I don't have to use signals. No, you don't even think about that, it should come as automatic.

Another thing breaking the simulation in TruckersMP, If I could disable those map blips, I would.

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Well, I use my indicators in many situations. Be it in a roundabout when I want to leave it, when I want to turn, when I want to warn of a dangerous spot or when I just want to say thank you (there are of course several other situations).

In my opinion, that's how it should be.


Of course, I'm only human and I've certainly forgotten to use it or switched it off again, but that's the exception rather than the rule. ?


Many greetings,


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i use my indicators all the time because its just habit from real life driving and probably because its easy to get to the controls for them as i have them set to my paddle shifters so i am able to get to them in any situation.
Basically i use them for everything yes. makes life easier for people  

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Using signals is very important, but other aspects are also important. "gradually slowing down" is almost the best friend of "using signals". Otherwise, there is no point in giving a signal after falling from 110 to 0.

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