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Do you use your turning signals?


Do you use your turning signals?  

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  1. 1. Do you use your turning signals?

    • Turning signals? Isn't it enough if I know where I'm going? No, I don't use turning signals at all.
    • Yes, I use turning signals before turning a corner.
    • Yes, I use turning signals when switching lanes (including overtaking).
    • Yes, I use turning signals before turning a corner and when switching lanes (including overtaking).

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Of course I'm using my signals. I hope everyone starts using it.

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Have a safe trucking and have a good day!

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On 8/29/2022 at 12:51 PM, blabberbeak said:

While traffic rules for roundabouts differ from country to country


On 8/29/2022 at 7:03 PM, Granite said:

I only use turn signal when exiting roundabouts, if taking first exit, I would start blinking before entering roundabout, that's how it is 99,9% of the time in my country, you will not see anyone blinking while staying in the roundabout unless they are foreigners, and large or multi-lane roundabouts where it would make more sense are scarse, just like in the game. 

So what are the rules in other countries? I didn't know there were differences tbh. ?


My view of how to properly take a roundabout:



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Hey there trucker!


Usually i use my indicators if another player is around. But if it is just me then i don't. I think this is because i have no-one to indicate in which direction i am going, while if there was one then i would have to

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7 hours ago, Sjovn said:

I might get arrested of @berechtigterand @Purriehere... but I try my best atleat to use my blinkers on the road in game ? ?


And trying Sjovns best is well not worth much ? especially with detours it's always a gamble where she is going.



On 9/4/2022 at 6:37 PM, Jаmie said:



I always use my indicators/blinkers, even if no one is around because it's more realistic - I don't change my driving behaviour regardless of who's around me. ?


Jamie also follows all speed limits.

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Groet / Sincerly,


Pascal (Purrie)

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