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Why people are choosing Scania trucks instead of volvo,etc

Rishi Lakshman

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Hello everyone,

Its been a year since I am in this huge community. In this 1 year time span I have seen many players using a Scania 730 even though we have more power full engine in Volvo with a max HP of 750.
Even i have driven the Scania 730 and Volvo 750 for about 10k km each and I found that the volvo engine is more better than a scania engine .

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Well, Scania is the fastest truck brand in the game (with the 730hp engine) so that is one of the main factors.

You could say: "oh, but Volvo has a 750hp engine which is more than Scania, so doesn't that mean it should be faster?"
Not really. Scania has a better torque which makes it slightly faster. 

People also seem to really like the truck's design, on top of that it has more modification and save editing options compared to other truck brands.

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Hey ??


 Scania and volvo, two giant truck brands, are brands that can stand out from their competitors in terms of both design and engine power. As seen in the game and in real life, it is among the most preferred brands. It is very popular in brands such as other mercedes iveco daf, trucks that look good for everyone's taste and eyes are different.


I wish you to use the trucks you are happy with, stay well.






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The choice of trucks depends on the choices of the people, their needs concerning the types of deliveries, design...

I think what people are interested in is maybe the design, the amount of customization people can do on their truck and the speed of it.

Personally, I use a DAF truck.

Regarding the speed of the trucks I have already done different tests and I did not find any difference beetween Scania and Volvo, but that is only my opinion!

Everyone is free to choose the truck they want.

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Although economic factors are also involved in daily life, I think it affects the appeal completely visually in the game.

  • Modification Types
  • Flexible Working Environment in Coding
  • Highly harmonious color packs
  • The front design that distinguishes the vehicle from other vehicles
  • Fast engine and transmission
  • vb.

As I said, I think it is more visually appealing to the eye. That's why it's used a lot.

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Its more of a personal choice to what each individual person likes to drive and some people like to drive and always use scania ? but for me it got to be a Daf or Renault.








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I believe that the choice is a person's preference. I have friends who are always driving Scania trucks, others like the MAN better. The game has several truck options, so the person chooses which one he likes best or just drove because he is a fan of the brand.

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