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Every player's favorite truck brand and why like it.

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On 8/22/2022 at 5:39 AM, BloomFriendly said:

DAF 2021 - it already has mirrors integrated into the truck


At night, the camera mirrors will look like it is daytime, so you can see things you otherwise wouldn't be able to. These mirrors also seem a bit larger than the normal mirrors. That's why this truck is the best truck in the game.

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I like the the new DAF XG+. Here is why.


In comparison to other trucks of its class, its design looks elegantly proportioned and surprisingly lightweighted.

It dispenses with playful features and lines and instead focuses on minimal and clear structures.

Technological, the DAF outranks others with ease but without being cocky.


All in all, DAF delivers a coherent overall package which doesn't need to hide behind others of its class.


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I'm a lot of the moment. Some days I like to drive a Volto, another day a MAN and so on. But the truck brand I always drive and like the most is Scania, without a doubt!


Why I like Scania, I'm not sure haha, but I prefer to drive this brand. Trucks are beautiful.

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daf dutch pouwer?

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I would like to drive a Scania in game because it can be customized easily thanks to the dlc and the truck's structure. I would like to drive a Volvo because I'm a really fan of Volvo but the structure of Volvo is awful. I think the producers made Scania very well but they didn't try to do same in creating Volvo process.

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VOLVO has recently become my favorite European truck brand. To me, they are the best outside of the game, and for that reason they have become my favorites in the game as well.

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I like the Scania, especially the NG S series. But the Volvo FH16 comes in second.


I like the Scania because of the big V8 engine, nice front grille and nice interior that's modern. The Volvo is also good with its 750 engine, but the interior on the Scania looks better to me. I just don't like the white interior as much as the V8 Exclusive interior on the Scania, so that's why its higher on the list.


They are both very good trucks though, and I do drive both of them and swap between them often. 

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  • Power: Scania S.
  • Anything with a built in GPS is a win. I hate having to F5 to show the GPS.
  • Mirrors: DAF. One of them has the mirrors inside the truck.

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