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What was your first truck starting out?

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This guy is a true OG lmao

16 minutes ago, SourCrowd said:

Of, nice question. My very first Truck was the Renault Magnum and took a loan for it.


1 hour ago, Granite said:

When I first started up my profile I could not decide between DAV, Ivedo, Majestic, MAN, Runner, Swift or Valiant.:thinking:


Bro he said ETSnot ETS?



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3 hours ago, SourCrowd said:

Bro he said ETSnot ETS?

Ok, Scania, Renault and MAN were in the game since release, but you can still see DAV XF, Majestic Across, Ivedo Stratus and Valiant F16H if you check the original promo trailer which is still available on steam store page (1st video on the right). The last added was Mercedes in May of 2015, with release of New Actros.

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6 hours ago, ash.exe said:

Til de af jer, der spillede ETS2 ved at opbygge profilen, hvad var din første lastbil, du har købt, uanset om det var gennem et lån eller ved at spare op? Min var DAF XF370 2021-versionen.


Gem redigering for at snyde valutasystemet tæller ikke. 

If you  mean the first truck that I own, it was Scania 500R if I remember correctly. But before I earned the money to buy my own truck, I rented trucks to do jobs, so I used a mix truck, but I just never drove a Renualt or Ivenco. My favorite truck is Scania

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Scania and I still prefer it.

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I remember my beginnings in ETS2 'I didn't have the original game', but my favorite route was always Poznan - Berlin when it was halfway and motorway with beautiful landscapes until it finally became a motorway with the updates, I used to always drive my Mercedes Benz "when the brand was not licensed in the kekw game" But finally the bank took it from me for not paying the debts ?

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When I first started the game, I had no knowledge of current ideas such as which tool is of better quality and whether it can be coded.

So I was trying to play the game exactly like a Story game. According to my economic condition in the game, the most suitable car for me was Renault Premium. Even though I don't use it often these days, I can say that it was the first car I experienced in the game. ?

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