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Why Calais a lot of people


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It could be that people like to go through the C-D route, so there are a lot of people

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  • Meuuy changed the title to Why Calais a lot of people

Maybe this road can make people feel better and not sad. Some people will fly high when they touch the car, so that you can put down the sadness and pain in your work

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13 hours ago, 速腾速运 said:

哇,我去的时候真是太酷了 Calais 还有很多人,我不知道为什么,谁能告诉我?


I think the reason people only are nearly always there from C-D because they think it's funny to see like real traffic or because these people just don't have DLC or they just don't want to buy them cause they get banned alot times for ramming from C - D so they will only spend money for game and not whole game  with dlc for risk their money going for nothing.


Keeps me far from this C-D because people get banned all the time. They all hit each other and drive like crazy

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The C-D road has many particularities in my opinion.


You’ll never drive alone, no matter what time of the day it is.

You can meet new people.

you will laugh the whole time

you will get angry some times

you’ll see strange things happening ?

and for me it’s ban paradise for report hunters?


i’m not a fan of that particular road, i avoid it most of the time but from time to time, i drive to Calais or Duisburg but never the C-D road ??‍♂️





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18 minutes ago, blabberbeak said:

It seems to me that the initial question "why Calais (has) a lot of people" hasn't been answered.

Many given responses state the reason for it are many players, which in return attract more players.

But why Calais and not any other city? What made the first players stay in the unspectular city of Calais? ?
Just thinking aloud...


Because Calais is a port city very close to England. It's also the beginning of the CD route. People love this city. I think that's why.

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The simple explanation could be that it's the main exchange between the UK and continental Europe, so most people going from one of this areas to the other will use it. But back in the day, most people would use the ferry at Europoort (Rotterdam) instead, I remember driving longer routes to Calais so I could use the Eurotunnel or the ferry there and avoid the incredible traffic jams that were usual on the road from Rotterdam to the Europoort.


So why Calais? My theory is that some "famous" streamers started posting "Funny moments" and "Idiots on the road" videos based on the road between Calais and Duisburg, too many players decided to use this road searching for their 15 seconds of infamy in a video or simply to watch the chaos caused by those "Idiots on the road" and unintentionally, became part of the chaos themselves. But apparently they liked it so much that never left.


Finally, it's a common thing in multiplayer games, "Birds of a feather flock together" and "Sheep always follow the herd", the more people in one area, the more that area becomes a place of interest for many others that don't care about usign the full map of the game, but rather to play among lots of other players instead.

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Because the calais has a port and it's so crowded because it's the beginning of Duisburg-Calais road.

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