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Tandem/Drawbar - Trailers for ETS2


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For example: Like these Devil BDF Tandem mod from FLVinge

Suggestion Name: Tandem/Drawbar - Trailers for ETS2

Suggestion Description: Tandem & Drawbar Trailer for everybody or... maybe only for Veterans/Patrons

Any example images: 


Why should it be added?: We allready have Alternate Vehicles and also a Bus in TMP. So I think Trucks with Regid Tandem Chassis with a Tandem/Drawbar Trailers would fit perfectly to TMP.


Edit: I found a post which was allready rejected 


It would make no sense for me if you reject this Suggestion again. Because you implemented allready Season Weathers (Summer, Autumn, Spring & Winter), the Scout SuperB, Alternate Vehicles & DBus. So, at this time i hope you accept this Suggestion. 




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  • James changed the title to Tandem/Drawbar - Trailers for ETS2

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