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Do you use online compatible sound mods for vehicles?

Black Alcoa

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Hello dear friends;

I wanted to have a nice chat with you on this topic. I was wondering if any of you use sound mods?

I think online compatible sound modes add great enjoyment. As you know, no one likes very loud car sounds in real life,
but there are legendary beautiful exhaust sound mods specially prepared for the game. And I think it's great that we can use them in multiplayer.

I'm sure you're using certain mods. If you have sound mods that you use, do not forget to participate in the topic by sending a comment.

I will be looking forward to your ideas and voices.

And I have a sound mod that I enjoy using. I wanted to make you listen a little bit.

[Contains Link]


Kind Regards
Black Alcoa
TruckersMP Veteran Driver And R440 Club Leader


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Your idea is very good, I will load some sound mods when I play offline, I think this is more real, I hope scs can make such mods, just personal opinion


Kind regards,






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I didn't, I think the original sound is the best

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On 7/30/2022 at 11:05 AM, ash.exe said:




That should be the sound of the truck's tubro working

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Hello there, I must admit that I have heard many nice sound mods which could be used on the servers of TruckersMP. Still, I have never tried to use one myself in Singleplayer or Multiplayer. However, because of your topic, I might be testing a sound mod quite soon! Is there perhaps anything else than the version and the compatibility you would say I need to pay attention to when choosing a mod? I’ve always been interested to install a sound mod, but unfortunately, I never got to the point of actually downloading it. Anyway, thank you for creating this topic about this interesting subject. Cheers. ?

Kindest regards,
Stay safe!
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I sometimes like to use Sound Plugins while driving on ETS2//TMP  it just changes it up a little and its nice to listen to v8 open pipe sound lol ?









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I've been intrigued, to say the least, by sound mods for both ETS and ATS. Although, more so for ATS. There's beautiful sound mods for the meaty American trucks out there that truly are able to replicate just what the American trucks sound like. To me, it just makes the simulator 10 times more enjoyable to play. 








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