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Personal Add ons for Verified Vtcs

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I had an idea to give something back to the verified vtcs on the platform. I don't know if this idea has come up before but why don't we let verified Vtcs upload a certain cabin add-on or design once a year that is compatible with the add-ons that Truckersmp has released? This way we do something in return for the verified vtcs and vtcs can show and express themselves better. This is not about skins or trailer skins. To, for example, an air freshener, curtain or a mug with logo. Again, anything compatible with the truckersMP addons that have been released.


I don't know if it is possible to unlock this via vtc. But this would be a nice idea also for vtc fans to show who they support. 

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Please use the suggestion template when creating suggestions.


This has been suggested several times before. It's not possible at the moment due to the high amount of data users would have to download per VTC.


It's also part of the frequently suggested things here:





Kind regards.

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