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Out of all the countries or regions in ETS2, which one has the most beautiful geographical attractions in your opinion?


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I think the Scandinavia DLC and The Alps have a awesome scenery.

                                                                                                                                                          Kind regards,


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I think its Italy because the trees there are different, there is a lot of greenery, the roads usually go by the seashoreand and it has beautiful views. It gives off a really nice vibe. I love italy ? 

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I'll go with the majority: Norway & Alps. But even if the nature/mountains are not crazy, I really like the Romania/Bulgaria area because of how the road goes across the small cities and all the isolated places. I find this area quite different from the rest of the ETS2 map. Maybe Iberia is like that too but I'm not super familiar with it (need to explorer more).

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In my opinion, the regions in the Iberia map pack are in a very high position in terms of both quality and road beauty. 


However, there are map packages with beautiful roads to compare with it. If I were to give my first 3 lines, definitely;

1. Iberia
2. Scandinavia
3. Black Sea

Kind Regards

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