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Why did the Duisburg calais become so popular?


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Hey I Shadel.


There is something i wonder about.When was the Calais duisburg road discovered and why do people take it? While there are many roads with really beautiful views in many parts of the map, why is this road so preferred? As the traffic is here, more and more people know this road day by day. So what was it that made this road so popular in the first place?





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The road itself is boring, that's true. It gives you some nice longs straights whilst being a countryside road. But mainly because our old answer:




Some creators made a series on YouTube recording their drive and what they have experienced on the road. And then, this road became famous and replaced the Bergen-Oslo road.


Some players find that overtaking on a busy road is exciting and can show their skills, some wanted to troll the players on the server and they need to go to the some crowded places, some wanted to have a 15 seconds of fame on that YouTube channel. And some simply just don't want to drive alone on the server (which includes me) and go there. There are several reasons that built today's C-D road and made this road always crowded.

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1 hour ago, Miyu* said:

Yolun kendisi sıkıcı, bu doğru. Kırsal bir yol olurken size güzel uzun düzlükler verir. Ama esas olarak eski cevabımız:




Bazı içerik oluşturucular, sürüşlerini ve yolda yaşadıklarını kaydeden YouTube'da bir dizi hazırladı. Sonra bu yol meşhur oldu ve Bergen-Oslo yolunun yerini aldı.


Bazı oyuncular yoğun bir yolda sollamanın heyecan verici olduğunu ve becerilerini gösterebileceğini düşünüyor, bazıları sunucudaki oyuncuları trollemek istedi ve bazı kalabalık yerlere gitmesi gerekiyor, bazıları o YouTube kanalında 15 saniyelik bir şöhrete sahip olmak istedi . Ve bazıları sadece sunucuda (beni de içerir) tek başına sürmek ve oraya gitmek istemiyor. Bugünün CD yolunu inşa eden ve bu yolu her zaman kalabalık yapan çeşitli sebepler var.



  Thanks for your comment, an absolutely great answer.  :HaulieLove:

22 minutes ago, blabberbeak said:

Bunu çoğu zaman merak etmişimdir.

Oyuncuların oyuncuları çektiği doğrudur. 


Ancak oyuncuları bu özel yolda araba kullanmaya çeken şey neydi?


Haritanın diğer bölümlerinin yeniden işlenmesinden önce bile daha ilginç ve zorlu yollar vardı.


Thank you very much indeed for your comment. :HaulieLove:

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Honestly I don’t know why it’s so popular and why it has become so popular.


In my humble opinion, I don’t have fun driving there and to be honest, I avoid it.


Like @Million88 said above, it’s just for report hunters and trolls, there’s no pleasure driving there.


The map is big, and there are so many great roads, where you can actually have fun driving.

Instead of being constantly hit and trolled on the C-D road.


But, it’s my opinion 🙂

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