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Duisburg Intersection Improvement idea

Somehow Lucky

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Suggestion Name: Duisburg Intersection Improvement

Suggestion Description: Same as name.

Why should it be added?: Traffic leaving Duisburg & Traffic coming in is a nightmare. Not only would this improve the flow of traffic. It would also extend the NCZ to where it's needed.


As you can see here. This is leaving Duisburg. Right after the gas station and at the edge of the NCZ. It's a nightmare getting out and people don't know what driving is.

People queue up before the NCZ. Adding the extra lane will improve traffic flow.


This is my concept.

  1. The road becomes 2 lanes after the gas station.
  2. Extend the NCZ until the ramps (see concept).
  3. Remove the traffic light
  4. Have both ways be 2 lanes as it flies over CD Road. With a barrier between both sides and no shoulder on the ramp.
  5. Have a single lane road for paths not on this road. Placement can be adjusted. Concept gives rough idea of what should be done.
  6. The 2 lanes can go until the Calais intersection. (perhaps add dividers and keep it flowing like the concept map to prevent late mergers from cutting?).

This should be a permanent solution since i doubt SCS is going to do anymore revamps in this area whenever they get around to Belgium.

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