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Hot Topic #47: Real Operations V13!


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Having helped out behind the scenes for V11 and V12 of Real Operations, it was nice to see a Real Ops from the view of the public once again. With many operations set a specific locations, and live ones taking place in front of you, this was certainly one of the most dynamic events yet!

From the outstanding map edits, to the custom vehicles, and the efforts of many team members at TruckersMP, this still stands as the best type of event held by TruckersMP in my opinion. Everyone that helped out did an amazing job as always! ♥️

Once again, it was also nice to see TruckersFM covering the event with live updates and regular news reports 📰. It's these kind of cooperation's that really enhance the realism and overall experience at official events 🚚

All I can say is... I'm really looking forward to Real Operations V14 👀

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18 hours ago, Somehow Lucky said:

Where you from?


United Kingdom.


3 hours ago, djedzo said:

The Managed motorways was a nice feature which should come to sim 1 imo..and the massive traffic jams was fun to navigate round.....my only let down was that i couldnt use doubles or B doubles


Thanks for your feedback! This has already been suggested in the past and been accepted. Hopefully, we can see something like this from Event Management soon! 😄 In regards to the trailers, this is so that there isn't too much congestion with trailers.


1 hour ago, ~Nikki~ said:

I wanted to participate but it was too late as it was already very late Sunday night here in Australia.  Hopefully the next one will be a bit earlier in the weekend as it looks like a lot of fun.


That sucks! Hopefully, we'll see you on the next Real Operations event.

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It was a nice experience, Real Ops is of course my favourite TruckersMP - how could it not be, but I unfortunately did not get to experience, as many scenarios as in previous time, despite playing for the whole four hours. I found this a shame - I heard that many scenarios where only visible for some of the time and this meant that, while there were more scenarios, many people like myself actually ended up experiencing less than normal. So, overall it was a mix of good and bad for me.

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