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What is one game that you regret buying or playing?


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I would like to know what is your videogame that you have either bought or got for free but it didn't meet your expectations or for whatever reason made you regret playing it?

For me it is a tough choice but the game I regret spending a lot of money for would probably be Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game. I bought it directly from Steam for about 28 euros and after playing for a couple of weeks I realized that my builds were trash (The game is about making cars from scratch) and the way the game worked slowly disinterested me as well.

Please share your games ?

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Watch Dogs: Legion for two reasons, characters and story. Playing as random characters instead of a specific character takes away any connection to that character to the point you don't care if something happens to them. As for the story (without giving spoilers incase anyone hasn't played it) it just felt very underwhelming.

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Well, in my case... Well, in my case it's Left 4 Dead. I just got it because it had the Bundle and it was cheaper. I only play Left 4 Dead 2 ?

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