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I like more the austria route. I looks a lot of better and is harder to drive. CD is only a straight route with a little amount of curves.


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I think for me, who in a way doesn't have a pc to tank either, Alpine is a viable choice. Not to mention the constant landscapes.

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I like this new road more than the c-d road. The view is very nice and the atmosphere is very nice.

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New road is 100% better. Although I only drove on it once back and forth so far, it seems like there's a lot less trolls and reckless drivers because you have to drive slow on it because it's windy and maybe it's because many trolls stayed on CD road. Of course it has some really nice views too. I'm glad there's actually some competition to the CD road that I hate and never drive on anymore, only took 5+ years, but hopefully I'm not speaking too soon and the road dies off like other roads have in the past, let's hope it stays as a permanent alternative.

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I prefer alps, It's one of the routes I've enjoyed the most lately. The views and the curves of the roads really gives great pleasure in the journey. Great to go slowly on this road with truck and trailer.

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Hey I Shadel.


  I am absolutely undecided. because both roads are really good quality. I like places with traffic more.

mountain roads intrigue me and I'm there these days.the calais duisburg road is not as crowded as it

used to be,a majority of them are now heading towards the alps.so perfect both ways.

Good topic, thanks. have a nice day. :HaulieLove:






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