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Why is CD so popular?

Guest LittleCov

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I don't know exactly. Maybe because of the route, but there are much better routes than CD. CD is now a important part of TruckersMP as most of people are using this route for many years. Maybe the straight and long road makes people love it. For me, I like the CD route because there are a lot of people driving on this route always. I love driving with people.

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Guest **********

Hello @LittleCov?

Combination of factors

  • Many of the Jobs from the south of the UK seem to bring you to Calais because it has both the ferry and Channel Tunnel. This is the same phenomena that caused Europort to be such a choke point in the early days of multiplayer, because it was the connection the game favoured between the North and East of the UK and most countries in Europe.
  • It's the road the GPS gives you when going to the Netherlands, north Germany, north in Going East and anywhere in Scandinavia
  • You forget that it also connects Rotterdam with Brussels at the middle bit
  • People go there because they know they'll meet traffic. Not much point playing multiplayer if it's empty roads for 30 mins at a time.
  • Most people don't really care about trolls. It's part of life in multiplayer and happens everywhere. Play long enough, and you get to the point that a damaged trailer doesn't even matter because you drive for fun rather than XP or Money.

    But I think it is popular because of the amount of people that get on the road, some people like the traffic (real life) , some people love to drive down it see who they can catch people breaking the rules (Rec), and it's just fun a road that people enjoy driving on.
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CD road can be understood as some congested road sections or places with a large number of people, because these places are very old and very popular. Now there are two places, Calais and Innsbruck, but for now, Innsbruck is Most popular as there are some mountain trails.


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Actually, we should ask: What/who makes these road popular? (Like the current route from Innsbruck to Klagenfurt.) To answer this question, we need to go to the last months of 2016. 

This could be an update. The changes made on the way may have attracted the change of the players and directed there. Easier overtaking or the possibility of long driving are among the advantages of the calais - duisburg route.

It could be because of a certain audience. This could be vtcs or youtubers. Convoys or streams made there may have placed traffic there.

Which supports the above answers, its no dlc zone. Anyone who buys the game can drive there without needing anything else.


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I guess it's popular originally because:

  1. It's a fairly long single line twisty road with some interesting "obstacles" (bridges, railway crossing, busy petrol stations). Makes the drive more challenging/eventful than on the highway.
  2. It's central between UK/FR/NL/BE/DE which means many people going between any 2 of these countries will likely take it
  3. It's part of the oldest original roads of the game. There are some very interesting similar roads in Poland or Romania, but these came later with more recent DLCs.


That said, the recent update with the Austrian alpine roads is a game changer to me. It basically provides a bit (still far from it) of some of the twisty roads in Promods: steep climbs and narrow/sharp turns.

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A lot of players drive C-D due to the high amount of players that drive there. Currently the popularity of the road is making it more popular. If players stopped driving there it wouldn't be very popular in my opinion. 


How C-D originally became popular is unknown, but the attached video shows the history of C-D road.




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Guest acesteely20

beucase when it did become popular. Everyone realised it was a road you could go down at full speed hardly having to slow down xD

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