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The Rose Game

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here's a new forum game!┬á­čą│­čî╣


The rose is going around..

In a round we count to 5 and the 5th person in a round must give away the rose to an other player. 

The player who obtain the rose start counting from "1" again. 



Player: 1

Humeen: 2

Tmp admeen123: 3

Rechtsfahrgebot: 4

Mynameisjeff: 5 The rose goes to @Rechtsfahrgebot



- Only who participated in the current round is allowed to optain the rose. 

- The recipient of the rose has 12 hour to start a new round with "1".

If he/she miss the chance and didn't answer after 12 hours everyone is allowed to "steal" the rose and can begin from 1 instead. 

- you can't give the rose to your self and you can't give one rose to all... just said.


Have fun, I hope you enjoy this. 



I'll start 



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1 hour ago, Signore Luca said:


A new round starts with 1. 

In general who optain the rose start with 1 again, except he didn't answer after 12 hours. (in this case @Chinese good drivers, because I gave the rose to him)

If the explanation in the first post poorly expressed, please let me know, I would change this┬á­čśä

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