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What is your favourite truck of all times?

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1 hour ago, Chinese good drivers said:


Yeah DAF is nice when you have the 750hp in. ☺️👍

1 hour ago, Michi. said:

Iveco Hi-Way. Dont hate me 😄 For me, it just looks amazing and in Ets2 its nice to drive.

Hello Michi no hate buddy everyone likes different stuff the end of the day it's personal preference. 🙂


Thank you for your response! Have a nice day. ☺️👍

1 hour ago, Signore Luca said:

Scania R, Volvo and İveco 

Nice Signore Luca I seen your name around the TruckersMP community before maybe from events? 


Also thank you for the response Scania R is nice and Volvo don't drive a Iveco a lot but can't wait until the new one arrives. 🥰👍

46 minutes ago, [ST I 048] Xiao Kai said:

Scania S😍

Hello my friend yes Scania S is one of my favourites. 


Also thank you for the response appreciate talking to the community. ☺️👍

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4 hours ago, Cute Little Panda_TMP said:

My favourite truck has to be the Scania

Yeah I got to agree I absolutely love Scania that's why I got a Scania shirt and hat. ☺️🥰👍

35 minutes ago, Death Knight * said:

Hello everyone👋

My favorite trucks are, DAF and Volvo and Scania r🙂

Hello Death Knight DAF Volvo and Scania are all good trucks I use them ☺️👍

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11 hours ago, Passion. said:

My favorite Truck is Renault T

Hello thank you for your response. 🥰☺️👍

10 hours ago, bluca_03 said:

I love volvo, scania and mercedes. I usually choose one of these, depends about the cargo I need to transport

Volvo and Scania are both good trucks I don't use the Mercedes that much myself. 


Thank you for your response. 🥰☺️👍

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