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Where should you stop your truck?


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Where should you stop your truck?

By Ash.exe

So, you're in a situation where you need to AFK but then you don't know where to stop. Fear not! This guide will outline some places you should and should not stop at! I will be covering the following topics:

  • How should you stop your vehicle?
  • Best places to stop at.
  • Worst places to stop at.
  • How do I pull out from the side of the road?
  • Extra notes.


How should you stop your vehicle?

This part is very simple but you don't just press the brakes and hope everything is well! Here is how you should stop:

  1. Observe some good places to stop at - All of this will be covered in the next section. 
  2. Switch on your hazard lights/signal towards the stopping location - This will notify drivers behind you that you will be stopping your truck. Alternatively, you can also signal towards the stopping location but should not be done near junctions or slip-roads. 
  3. Check your mirrors then move over to the stopping location - You need to do this to make sure no one is undertaking you. Once all traffic is clear, steer towards the stopping location.
  4. Drive a few metres to ensure your trailer fits in with the stopping location - I have seen a lot of drivers make the mistake of forgetting to do this. This results in the trailer sticking out to the road which can be dangerous.
  5. Switch to a neutral gear, turn on parking brakes and steer the wheels away from the road - This step is crucial because this prevents your truck from rolling back onto the road. Switching to a neutral gear will prevent accidental accelerations. Parking brakes will completely stop your truck from moving. And steering away from the road will allow your truck to roll away from the road, in the event where you forget to switch on parking brakes.
  6. Relax - Congrats! You can finally go AFK!


I have also linked a video here as a demonstration of this: https://medal.tv/games/euro-truck-sim-2/clips/jC45tAkfDwiFd/d1337KfIyUh8?invite=cr-MSxlVEQsMTI1MjAwNDMs


Best places to stop at:

Service stations

Service stations are your most ideal spots to stop at because parking is available and it's generally one of the most safest places to stop at. 



Hard shoulders

In real life, it's illegal to stop at a hard shoulder unless there is an emergency. Because this is a game and no one can really enforce this here, it's okay to stop at the hard shoulder. 



Flat terrain

This is probably your last option you want to go for as this is off-road. As long as the terrain is flat, your truck should still be able to manage. 



Non-collision zones

These areas are the best spots to stop at. No one can crash into you and there is very minimal risk here.




Generally it might be okay to stop at a curb. But the reason this isn't very ideal is because cities can generally get busy and you have less room for acceleration. 



Worst places to stop at:

Terrain on the opposite side of the driving road

The reason this area is not the best to stop at is because trucks are generally slower than cars and can disturb the flow of oncoming traffic when you pull over or pull out to the opposite side of the road.



Sloped terrain

This area can be quite risky to stop at as your truck may flip. The roof may also stick out of the road. Avoid stopping here. 



Rough terrain

Some areas of the map may have rough terrain but may be hard to spot. These areas should be avoided as you risk damaging your truck or getting beached. You may find these by fences or barriers. 



Roads with barriers on both sides

Do not stop at these areas as you'll likely pose yourself as a hazard to other drivers.




These areas are very risky to stop at because you'll have very little to no room to leave the area. 



How do I pull out from the side of the road?

This is also quite simple to do but it is important you follow these steps to avoid becoming a hazard:

  1. Signal towards the road - This lets other drivers know you are going to exit the side road.
  2. Accelerate as much as you can on the side road - This prevents you from slowing down other drivers behind you.
  3. Check your mirrors then emerge - Check your mirrors for the final time. If you do not see any vehicles, emerge back into the road.


I have also linked a video here as a demonstration of this: https://medal.tv/games/euro-truck-sim-2/clips/jC4kQeeBS-e9D/d1337SYoaD1G?invite=cr-MSw1N28sMTI1MjAwNDMs


Extra notes:

  • If you find that you do not have enough room to accelerate or you are in a bad stopping position, run the /disconnect command then drive to a safer area.


Thank you for reading this guide. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop a message below!


UPDATE: I'm so sorry everyone! The images are missing so I'll be adding in some new images very shortly. 

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Very helpful guide, thanks for that! 😊

                                                                                                                                               Driver in Bruijn Logistics



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  • 2 weeks later...

Very helpful guide 🙂 thank you 








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