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Website v2.17 release

Kid Fabi

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We are glad to announce that website changelogs are back! 

In this topic, we will cover all noteworthy changes since v2.17 release.




v2.17.0.0 (2nd April 2022)

  • Reordered profile menu links.
  • [VTC] Removed the "in-progress" button if recruitment application was already in-progress.
  • Code Of Conduct.
  • New internal systems and features for existing tools.

v2.17.0.1 (3rd April 2022)

  • Fixed several issues on the Event Requests system.



v2.17.1.0 (9th April 2022)

  • [VTC][API] Added upcoming VTC events endpoint.
  • [VTC] Added option to set a discord webhook for the VTC gallery (Verified VTCs only).
  • Small improvements to bans system.

v2.17.1.2 (9th April 2022)

  • [VTC] Attempted to fix the website performance while updating the roles.
  • [VTC][API] Fixed VTC attendance endpoint.



v2.17.2.0 (14th April 2022)

  • [VTC] Fixed kick functionality.
  • Added link to the merch store.
  • Fixed an issue that does not allow users with certain permission view private events.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements to our internal systems.

v2.17.2.1 (16th April 2022)

  • [API] Return descriptor in API player response when no record is found.
  • [API] Added owner field to company member API.
  • [VTC] Allow companies to mark an event as public when the visibility is private.
  • Fixed a private event throwing an error when the user is not authenticated.

v2.17.2.2 (16th April 2022)

  • Fixed event creation form.
  • Fixed minor issues on internal systems.

v2.17.2.3 (17th April 2022)

  • Fixed event discord webhook being sent on update when visibility didn't change.



v2.17.3.0 (23rd April 2022)



v2.17.4.0 (30th April 2022)

  • Bug fixes to our internal systems.
  • Fixed deleting old Patreon members.
  • Support currency update of Patreon API.



v2.17.5.0 (6th May 2022)

  • [API] Added user events endpoint.
  • Retired Staff page.
  • Fixed issues with groups.
  • Fixed authentication status/navigation on error pages.
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On 4/20/2022 at 3:30 PM, Kid Fabi said:

v2.17.3.0 (23rd April 2022)

The new API documentation looks very good, it's just a bit unusual compared to the old one, but still very good work. ?

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Kind regards

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1 hour ago, berechtigter said:

You removed 100 Dollar from my lifetime pledge

The lifetime pledge will be fixed within the next update of data (so in the next billing period).

This is due to recent changes in Patreon API. We can't really do anything about that.

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