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I prefer to make friends in Calais



Once I was driving the car behind me and chatting with me all the way, so I began to try to chat with the young man behind me



Some people are kind. For example, I make friends at TruckersMP.

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Well, on the base map, any route that goes through the Alps. For DLC Maps, my favorite one is on France and Italy. I love going outside the highways and onto the country roads, lots of fun seeing all the greenery and finding some nice hidden towns. It's kinda boring while driving on highways, but I just see it as a pretty realistic job to do. ?



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If you are willing to settle for places where there are not many players, I would definitely prefer the roads to Bulgaria. The fine paths in between (like Calais-Duisburg) are places where you can really enjoy the game. These roads are located on the Road To Black Sea Dlc.
Of course, if you want to engage with people, as you share, Calais is my suggestion. My writing wasn't very relevant, but I wanted to share it with you


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2 hours ago, - Pink Ribbon - said:

Encontrará sempre locais e percursos interessantes se definir o seu sistema de navegação por satélite para "Estradas pequenas" e evitar a utilização de autoestradas, uma vez que podem tornar-se aborrecidas com o tempo. Mas eu evitaria o DLC da Iberia, pois é como 95% de autoestrada e, honestamente, a pior área e DLC do ETS2 .

 I liked your opinion, regarding the Iberian DLC we will have to wait with its updates, the other DLCs when they came out also had few secondary roads and with the updates. Will come with new roads. 

But for me the promods map is without a doubt the best 

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Yes Promods is 100% worth using especially if you have majority of the map DLC. They add so much more content and great views it's unreal. Despite just being a mod, it makes the value of the map DLCs even more. Looking forward to the Russia map expansion when it's ready and released as I know there will be great roads and views.



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