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Do you have truck driving license in real life?


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unfortunately I don´t have one for Trucks, I can drive, irl, only cars. (Which can´t exceed the weight of 3,5 t).

Moreover, I´m actually not planning in getting one, in part because it is very expencive here. ?


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I have a car drivers licence since two years. 

Making the truck drivers licence is my dream. 

Unfortunately there are problems with my eyes due squinting.. I have no problems at all, but the law says "no" ??

I need special glasses or a laser operation. But.. ??????

But instead of this I start a vocational training as a warehaus clerk to help out and learn the logistics in a other way this year. I hope that I can save enough money and everything will work like expected that I can make this licence and the job in the next 3-5 years.. 

On 4/19/2022 at 2:09 PM, CheshieCheshire said:

Changed from a software developer to truck driver about 5 years ago, best decision ever!
Truck + trailer license, someday hoping to get my ADR too.

My Way is pretty identic. I am going to change my current job as an It specialist to a warehaus clerk.

As mentioned I try to get on the truck in the future too. 

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I only have a driving license for a car and no truck license, I only drive a car to and from get off work, my job is not transportation.


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