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Easter Egg Hunt - 2022


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Thank you for Easter Egg Hunt 2022 event at TruckersMP!


Video ? in TruckersMP_Official Twitch channel (host: jamesdgaming & TFM_Flynn):




Stats: ? Players online: 



I had some concerns about this event as the difficulty level in previous editions increased with each Hunt event and I wondered what direction the staff would take in this edition. I mean the area that needed to be explored and time to find the eggs / ghosts of it and any hints.

In my opinion, the difficulty level was optimal in Easter Egg Hunt 2022 event. Players could find all eggs during the event taking into account the time of 6 hours and including work (driving and searching) without taking into account the aspect of happiness.
It was a 5 + 1 event, i.e. 5 eggs were not moving and one (yellow) was moving on the roads. The location of the yellow egg on the map could be obtained by looking at the TruckersMP Twitch broadcast (according to the first Hint).

I have mixed feelings when looking at the tips. My thought is the first two tips were very helpful. On the other hand, 3-6 was not so obvious that, for example: players could find something in less than an hour.

ps. This event, just like in 2020, was again in Great Britain, so entire preparation, photos of the area, including characteristic places, city panoramas and a few other aspects, was useful now because the area and the map has not changed.


See you at the next event.

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15 hours ago, FBTC - Raaphael said:

Is there a ranking list of the top 25 who submitted the form? ?



Event Manager Raymond posted such a list TOP50 on a dedicated discord channel related to the event: https://discord.com/channels/307433337126125568/720400776366653490/965371590047064155

You took 13th place in the ranking. You were really fast. Congratulations.


I took the screen:


ryq7DaR.png 25dlsSb.png Yp5607I.png HB781Rg.png



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