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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Console Codes

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Simulation Speed: After writing "warp" to the Console, leave a space and write the number you want. The standard number is "1". For example, if you type "warp 10", the game will be accelerated. If you type "warp 0.5", the game speed will slow down.


is it allowed? i dont know if i can modify it a bit so my 90 km/h are the same as my friends because of my computer going to slow

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Drive safely and be polite pls

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That´s the commands i´ve found and tried out searching the commands list


Command                        Description
goto (x;y;z)                       (or city name) goto Milano (no Russian characters enabled yet) 
                                           Works with trailer too anytime F9 and
                                           Landing close to the customer (make sure to go slightly over the ground before using F9)

screenshot                       takes a, well, screenshot
g_police 0-1                     set "0" no police, no penalty      
r_mirror_view_distance    eg: 500 is better distance    
uset g_bloom "0"            max clarity

g_traffic 0 - 9.9                0 no traffic and 1 normal traffic (9.9 is max)
g_gallon 0 - 1                   0 is no fuel an 1 is fuel i guess


for more realistic behavior 0.5 is officially minimum in game but 0 is hardcore :)
g_suspension_stiffness     0 - 0.5
g_trailer_stability     0 - 0.5
g_truck_stability     0 - 0.5
g_traffic         0 - 1
g_gallon         0 - 1

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