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Hot Topic #45: TruckersMP Accessories!


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Promods mug. Nice ?

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I hope you can use some mod online, and then I also hope you can use some mod painting online. Thank you very much. I wish you better and better all the way

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I think we should add some things that are often used in reality, or add some cool accessories, such as indoor lights, reversing images, and monitoring outside the car. These are things that truck drivers often use in reality, so I want you to give some advice.



Su Yichen

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Hai ?,

These accessories are pretty awesome. My favorite accessorie is absolutely TruckersMP Hanging Logo ?.  I would like to thank you for the innovations you added to TruckersMP.


                                                                                                                                                                                 Kind regards,
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I think it's a late accessory that should have been transferred to the game before, I liked all of them very much, thank you everyone. ❤️? 

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