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HQ Final Stage


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Hey all,


I want to ask everyone how they like the new stage of the HQ.

Do you love it, hate it oder something else and why?


I love the new Town! Very nice small features and a new hotspot for players!
Very nice job from the tmp team! :HaulieLove:


kind regards



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TruckersMP HQ, is mega cool done, also with the huge parking lot where you can just stand and just look around with the flycam. I would have hoped that you can still do something with the HQ maybe as a showroom or something else, but maybe something is still coming because on the other side is still something in planning as it looks.

But otherwise the city is cool made and is also a lot of fun to drive there.

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On 3/15/2022 at 4:45 AM, echter_Tobi said:










I like it very much.look forward to TMP Team,There will be better activities!

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On 3/19/2022 at 4:06 PM, Tundra_Gaming said:

Real Question though I have is if the HQ will turn into the new Calais? Will everyone gravitate there rather than C-D??


HQ might be the new Calais if driver just want to hang out, and talk with other drivers, and then from time to time go on a small casual drive around the city. But I don't think it will replace Calais or Duisburg for that matter since those 2 cities offers the C-D Road, and I don't see any road near HQ getting the same status is C-D Road. But drivers/people might surprise me.


I addition to the original topic in here. I like the new HQ. It is a nicely looking place, and you can really see that the Add-On Team and Developers have put a lot of work into it.

spacer.png | spacer.png

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So from my stand point I would have to say that team has done something very cool for everyone to join in on there bigest event they have hold tbh, I like what they have done so far with TMPHQ  in ETS2 i would hope TMP could make something for ATS as well and make it public event for every member to take part in.

TruckersMP Event Team





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