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What are the Reasons for Preferring ETS over ATS?

Snow Sheltie

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In the various times I've chatted with people on ETS concerning how nobody plays ATS MP, I've been noticing an interesting pattern. A lot of the complaints I hear come from either playtime experience when the game was launched or through the reputation the game garnered due to its launch status. It has become noticeable that a number of these complaints are out-dated as they've been addressed over time to the point where ATS has much more going for it than ever.


There's been three common complaints I repeatedly hear that have been fixed in ATS. The overarching theme has been lack of content, which was true at launch, but not now.


1. A poor sense of scale (aka the routes between cities were too short). This was something SCS worked to remedy rather early.

2. Poor truck choice. Either the complaints are too few trucks or the trucks available are far bigger/less maneuverable than European trucks. Since launch a lot more trucks have been added, which includes trucks with nice and compact 2-axle frames.

3. Tight quarters when backing up trailers at various industries. Well now we got easy/instant park in both ATS and ETS. This one kind of disappoints me because I found amusement in watching players try to back a trailer for up to 40 minutes.


Other complaints about ATS I've heard are personal preference. Folks don't like the look of American trucks, they don't like the layout or signage of American roads, things that are could create endless arguments.


That being said, what are your reasons for preferring ETS over ATS? Why do you think other players prefer ETS over ATS?

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I prefer ETS. I don't like ATS because there are a little amount of players. It's boring to drive straight all the time, no curves. There are no hotspot areas.

I think others prefer ATS because when you have to choose a lot of players (ETS) and a little amount of players (ATS) the most choose a lot of players.


But this is a nice topic! :HaulieLove:


kind regards



I think I'm the real one, when it isn't true then don't say it to others! ?



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I made a thread months ago mentioning the low player count and I said that ATS is getting better over the years and people should consider giving it a try. Ignoring the low player count on TruckersMP, think about the singleplayer/convoy mode experience too. While this is a common thread topic on the ATS discussions section, it's a good one to talk about often. 

Update since I made that thread: California is currently being reworked at a good rate it seems and it looks really good, check out the SCS blog posts on it. Also Texas DLC is probably going to be released this year I'm guessing and maybe Montana too since there's a few blog posts for that as well.

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Alright so here is my take. I am from the US and think they did a great job with ATS. The truck size and overall feel is just accurate to how it really is here. I agree the city distance size is kinda short between, but at the same time they A don't have a map as big as ETS2 by far. And B Relative size and distance isn't all that far between places here in the US. 


SCS has done a great job with realism on ATS from an American standpoint who drives Class A/B.



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The reason i chose ets is to have more players in TruckersMP. i'm not a singleplayer player and TruckersMP-ATS is no different from single player 

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There are good arguments for both, ETS2 and ATS to prefer.

Personally, i prefer ETS2. There are more players and more cities. In ATS you have to drive extremely long to reach an other state, in ETS2 you can drive in 2 hours (IRL) from Finland to Spain. You also have more Trucks and more configuration options. So i would recommend you ETS2MP if you prefer to drive with others. If you like to drive alone and only want rarely to see other drivers i would recommend you ATSMP.

But everyone can choose for himself and everyone should drive on his prefered server.

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Personally, I'm a massive fan of ETS, and I'd say that I prefer it over ATS, but I still enjoy both games.
My main reason for preferring ETS is that I absolutely love seeing other players out on the roads, and in ETS in TruckersMP, this is more regular, particularly as peak times for ETS in TruckersMP are similar to when I play.

ETS also has more content, for example, the #OperationHQ event is taking place in ETS at the moment and it has been great to see the community in that area of the map more.


Hopefully, more content will come to ATS, and more players will be able to enjoy the brilliant game that is ATS!


Kind regards, 





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Hello everyone so my take on both games so far has been great I like ATS cause you get the feeling of driving a more productive trucks and loads and also the views from diffrenet parts of America are very well done and i like that alot. 

Another little thing i have notice is there are players that still play this game (ATS) due to them been there in RL and there more things to see when SCS unlocks new DLC's for ATS.


So ETS2 is great game to drive on the roads because it feels home to me when i am driving in UK on ProMods as there views are very nice and cool things to explore in diffrenet Country's and just been able to have the option to drive a truck on both side's makes things intressing specaily on the roads of Europe. Great to see players from all over the world on both games and very nice we get a chance to make new friends for life and be able to be apart of great online community's from diffrenet parts of RL world.

TruckersMP Event Team





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Actually, both games have their pros and cons. And almost everyone mentioned them in the comments.

I would like to express my opinions. Between the two games, my favorite is ATS. But if you say which one you played more, ETS. Because my friends who play with me do not have ATS.

Unfortunately, ATS is an overshadowed game. It could not be brought to the fore in advertising and marketing.


Ats has better graphics and landscaping. 

Cities are not alike. When you go from one city to another, you feel that you have come to a different place. Although the ETS main map has been renewed, it has predominantly similar road and city layouts.

And you need to buy map dlc to see special places. On behalf of new players, ATS is one step ahead in terms of the visual landscapes it offers.


I think ATS is one step ahead in terms of the feel of the game. The sounds of the trucks and their reactions when you press the gas and brake are very sweet and realistic. When you step on the gas, you feel the weight of the trucks.

The size and types of trailers also add color to the game. You understand that you need to drive more carefully and seriously.


If I tell you what I don't like about ATS, it gets very dark at night. At ETS, yellow lamps constantly illuminate the road, both on main roads and on rural roads. And you can enjoy the surroundings at night. However, after leaving the city at night in ATS, there are almost no lights on the roads. You are driving hundreds of kilometers on pitch-black roads and you cannot see what you are passing by or your surroundings. And it gets boring after a while. 


But of course, the most important problem is the low number of online players, as everyone says.

If you have a friend, you can play ATS with convoy mode. Otherwise, you will naturally get bored on your own.


Actually, we are facing a similar problem in ETS. Because I should mention that the online issue of ETS mostly covers the main map.


75% of players on servers roam the main map. Those who are bored on the main map like me and those who work in other countries with dlc know that the number of players here is very low.

Even the most well-known Scandinavian map is almost blank. When you go to Sweden, Norway, you meet very few people on the road. I especially love to go to the city of Bergen and if I am very lucky, maybe I will meet 2-3 players.

For example France dlc. A unique map. Cities and villages are beautiful. But he did not get the value he deserved from the players. If you go to france while playing online, you are mostly alone. Especially south şehirleri.

I can say these within the map of Italy. 


So, they both have positive and negative aspects. What matters is what you want.

Anyway, sorry I took the subject too long. Good game everyone, have a nice day.









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I have to agree with Lara, bang on.

I mainly played ATS before, I got ETS to change things up.


Being from North America, I think i prefer ETS juat because of how different it is.


And talking about driving in the dark in ATS...when will i get access to lightbars on our american trucks...


I personally think more people play ATS in single player or convoy right now though. Looking on twitch, can see a number of people playing ATS in these modes.


If your on TMP, and want to see people on ATS, head to california, highway 5.

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Guest - Pink Ribbon -

I prefer the style of the EU trucks compared to the US trucks as the US ones are very "Nose" heavy and doesn't look as sleek as the EU trucks. Also the roads are too straight and narrow and when there are corners the handling isn't great, it feels sluggish even when tweaking in the settings.


Plus there just isn't enough customisation available in ATS compared to ETS2


Don't get me wrong I do enjoy to delve in ATS here and there especially if there is an event on but I also like populated servers and ATS isn't very populated even on their own US server. I do own all the map DLCs so it's not like I would say it's "trash" as its got its own charms like Freightliner horns what sounds like a train oncoming which is funny ? And it does have great Sceneries like the dessert, mountains etc and Promods loads up in like 5 seconds and is great (I know it's not as big as ETS2 Promods).

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I prefer ETS2 instead of ATS because I prefer the European Truck (except Scania T or Scania 143H) because They are more nimble in movements and I love the trucks without a big trunk where there is the engine. By the way both games are beautiful and in the last years SCS made some new upgrade that are amazing ?

- Kind Regards, -



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