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Link VTC system with game server


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For example: I don't really have an example on the subject, but I would like to explain in the description what I mean and how I imagine it could work.

Suggestion Name:  Link VTC system with game server

Suggestion Description: My proposal is to connect the VTC system to the game server with a job tracker. I know it all sounds very complicated. I think you can bring a job tracker into the game in which the VTCs can be managed as well as on the website. You could add your drivers with the TMP ID to the VTC and unlock ingame trailer skins, tag etc.  In this tracker, only the VTC owner or the people selected by him can add and remove someone. You could also introduce a system on the website where you can see every month which VTC has driven the most kilometres.

Any example images:  /

Why should it be added?: It should be added, because in my eyes it is still missing in the game or in TMP. With this system you could bring a lot of new things into the game or make it possible for the VTCs which are not possible yet,

like for example: an own trailer, or the VTC logo next to the player name (another suggestion of mine). In addition, you could see on the website which VTC has driven how many kilometres per month.

You could also create a ranking system (monthly) where you can see the top 10 VTCs with the most kilometres.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on discord berechtigter#0420

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This is similar to our frequently suggested thing:


Add company skins:
If we were to add every VTC's skin, the download would be quite big, it would also have to be maintained over a long period of time and would add complexities to the testing process. We do plan to see such a feature in the future but the way it could be implemented is still something we need to figure out.


You can find a full list here:

For now, I will decline this. ? 



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