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Activate or deactivate the horn of another player.


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Hi guys, 

I will explain to you how to disable/enable the horn from other players via tab in TruckersMP.  in TruckersMP. 

To do this, open the Tab / Settings / Sound

There you have to check or uncheck the box to disable/enable the horn, depending on how you want it. 
This doesn't mean you turn off your horns but the ones of the other users. 

That's it, I hope I could help you ? .


Step 1: Settings


Step 2: Settings / Sound




If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me ?


With kind regards


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This post will help many people, and I will recommend it to my friend, he just joined TMP.

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1 hour ago, Dawn - Da Peng said:

Thank you for this guide


1 hour ago, Bello QAQ said:

Thank you for providing us with a guide

Gladly, hope could help you with this or show the new TMP players who just joined how to deactivate / activate the horn sounds. :HaulieLove:

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