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Your First Truck


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A gray, cheap Renault Magnum ?


                                                                                                                                                                                   Kind regards,






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İveco 310HP ?

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Back in the day, Volvo FH Classic used to be the best value truck for your buck, because it was immediately available with 16 litre 540hp engine at the very beginning, so that was my starting truck in a new game.

This no longer holds true, since SCS has updated the truck with lower powered engines and you would need level 15 to buy the same truck now.


When ATS came out, there were only 2 trucks to choose from, and both virtually identical appart from visuals (imagine that), I went for Kenworth as it looks a bit better than Peterbilt.

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My first truck was a purple and white Scania S ?








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My first truck was the Scania S High Roof in silver livery with a standard 2 axle trailer. I still have the truck and my trailers have been upgraded to Krone or Schwarzmüller

Nur weil andere die Regeln brechen, tust du das auch? Seien Sie schlauer! Gute Fahrt.




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